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This website was created in memory of Paul McNaughton who passed away on August 9th, 2010 at the age of 63 years.  Paul was a loving husband to Marilyn, father to Michelle (Paul), Jason (Jennifer), and grandpa to Kaytlin, Hannah, Emily, and Ty.  He will be loved always and missed forever.

Paul was born on April 15, 1947 in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.  He with his father Fletcher, mother Dorthy, and sister Marcia moved to Winnipeg in 1955.  Paul lived with his family in Winnipeg until joining the RCMP in 1966.  Through several stints across Canada, including two decades in The Lower Mainland, BC, Manitoba was home to Paul.  At the time of his passing, he and Marilyn resided just south of Kleefeld, Manitoba on an acreage.

As a child, Paul enjoyed many hobbies and activities.  He was a gifted baseball player and curler and competed at a high level in both here in Manitoba.  Paul also enjoyed woodworking and carpentery.  He became an expert at building tree forts along the Seine River and also built a hydro-plane boat which he used to to race with friends in the Red River.  Paul loved the outdoors and his fondest childhood memories where of camping. hiking, and fishing with his dad in Eastern Manitoba, and Northwest Ontario.  He became very knowledgable about this area and could share a story of their encounters on each lake between Winnipeg and Kenora.  As a child, Paul was also a top student, and continued to be a brilliant academic throughout his life.  He enjoyed reading as a way to relax and could read with speed and comprehesion at a gifted rate.

As a young man, Paul worked at Safeway Grocers.  He worked at the St. Vital store during the day and also worked at the Brookside Warehouse at night.  He worked at Safeway until joining the RCMP at age 18.  He completed his basic training in Regina, Saskatchewan, and then was stationed in Ottawa, Ontario, and finally New West Minister Police Department in British Colombia.

In 1969 Paul married Marilyn Daman in a ceremony near their home in Cresent Beach, B.C.  Paul and Marilyn had met while in high school in Winnipeg and began dating in grade 12.  Marilyn joined Paul in B.C. shortly after his arrival there to begin work.  Their home became a drop in for other officers who worked closely with Paul, as well as many new friends they had in this community.  On July 8, 1970, Marilyn gave birth to their first child Michelle Leigh McNaughton and two years later they would welcome another new arrival with the birth of Jason Paul McNaughton.

Now with a young family to support on a low wage at the time, Paul began to question his future with the force.  The dangers within his role in Vice had Marilyn concerned more and more with each passing day.  Finally in 1974, Paul made a life altering decision to leave the RCMP and move his family back to Manitoba.  He returned unemployed, but very much at peace about his and his family's future.  It wasn't long before he gained his first sales postion with Mennen, as the territory represented for Manitoba/Saskatchewan.  Immediately his talents for sales and service were obvious and opportunities to grow and learn were abundent.  One of these opportunites came from a large stationary company named Pentel Stationary of Canada, and Paul jumped at the chance to represent them in the same territory.  He worked with Pentel for five years before deciding to go on his own and establish McNaughton Agencies.  During these years Pentel had a policy to have only in-house sales representatives, but they changed this policy to allow McNaughton Agencies to continue to sell their products, which was something Paul was recognized with great pride.  He continued to represent Pentel for many years with a rigorous effort.

As the industry changed with NAFTA and the retailing evolution to "box store merchandising", Paul was an early adaptor and embraced the new future.  With his children attending University, he and Marilyn moved their residence back to British Columbia to be closer to his clients there and in Alberta.  He was extremely fortunate to partner his agency with Norlandam Marketing from Toronto, Ontario, a partnership that endured until the time of his death.  Norlandam, with the team in the East and Paul in the West provided manufacturers with a solid and widespread representation in Canada.  Paul was proud to be apart of this great team and served his role at Norlandam with honor each and everyday.  Our Family has sadness that Paul never had the chance to enjoy retirement, but the truth is that he could have, but chose not to.  Paul immensely enjoyed his realtionships with clients and principles alike.  He was passionate about his profession and his contribution to strong business relations.  He represented his customers as well as suppliers through core values and commitment unmatched in the world today. 

Paul was a wonderful husband and father.  He offered his full support to the interests of each family member.  Whether it was new horses, goats, cows, cats, hockey, golf, or a new dirt bike, Paul would always support.  When he raised his brows and rolled his eyes, you knew he was on board.  He provided his children with the opportunity to do/be whatever they wished by supporting them with inspiration and also finances.  But, it was his gifts of work ethic, common sense, and stability that have benefited his legacy most.

Paul is survived by his wife of 40 years Marilyn, daughter Michelle (Paul) Roukema, son Jason (Jennifer), grandchildren Kaytlin, Hannah, Emily, and Ty, mother Dorthy, and sister Marcia, sister-in-laws Bonnie (Arthur) Quesnel, Rhonda Daman and nephews Kevin Quesnel, Darryl Quesnel, David Flechter, Quinn Gavaga, Jordan Gavaga, and Tyler McNaughton.

Tributes and Condolences
My Tribute To Paul.   / Paul Wollman (Friend)
I had the good fortune of meeting Paul when he lived in Langley BC. Myself and my uncles along with his son Jason had an unforgettable evening at his home with him and  Marilyn. He was the kind of person who made you feel at ease right away upon...  Continue >>
Great man I'll never forget!   / Audley Adrian (Friend through Business )
I met Paul years ago when he quoted on our company's seasonal paper business.  We immediately struck up a strong friendship and I always counted Paul & Marilyn as friends more than business associates.  To this day I can say P...  Continue >>
a wonderful man   / Marlene Schurko (Friend of daughter Michelle )
Please accept my families condolances to you Michelle and all of your family. I just want you to know how strong you have been for everyone throughout this difficult process. Your dad (and mom) did an amazing job raising such a wonderful person ...  Continue >>
In Sympathy   / Cathie Peterson (Cousin)
We were saddened to hear the news about Paul.  We hope you know that we are all thinking of you at such a difficult time.  We would like to express our deepest sympathy.   Campbell & Margo (McNaughton) Moss Chris & Mo...  Continue >>
bill.noyes@shaw.ca  / Bill Noyes (friend from long ago )
It's a shock to see Paul's picture and to realize he's gone. We were great friends from the time Paul arrived at Glenwood in Grade 4. There's pretty well no memory of mine at that time that doesn't include Paul: jam pail curling (I still have the ...  Continue >>
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